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Semester Exchange Program

A student can apply for semester exchange program by applying in a foreign university. If the course subject in the foreign university is similar to the semester course, and the university has approved the student, he/she can study for one semester abroad such that the credits scored in the foreign university will be considered in the IIT ISM curriculum too.

Internship/Fellowship Program

There are a number of opportunities through which IIT ISM students can apply for foreign internships/fellowship. For this, he/she should either have an acceptance from a professor affiliated to a foreign university or get an acceptance to a foreign university through research portals.

Process Explained

Get Acceptance

Get an acceptance from a foreign university through either direct interaction with a research faculty or through other research internship opportunities or scholarships.

Check Requirements

Check the requirements of your program and make sure you have the required enclosures.

Register Now!

Register yourself on the International Relations Portal and upload all application forms and required enclosures.

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