Hostel Facilities

A Hostel that will remind you of Home.

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad boasts of an international hostel that caters exclusively to the international students and faculty coming to the campus, and the facilities present in it certainly live up to international standards so that it can make the stay of the visiting students a bit more comfortable.

  • The international hostel is located in a much greener part of the campus, providing a pleasant atmosphere for the students to live in while they are in Dhanbad.
  • The International Hostel at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is one that the college boasts of with pride, and it is continuously evolving and upgrading itself according to the needs of the inmates so that it can be even more welcoming to any person who wishes to come stay in it in the future.

The following facilities are available in each room at the International Hostel: -

  • All the rooms are air-conditioned and are provided on a single-occupancy basis.
  • Each of the rooms is equipped with a single bed with a mattress, bed-side table, study table, almirah with mirror, revolving chair and visitor's chair.
  • The entire hostel has 24 hours Wi-Fi and LAN facilities.

The following utitilies are provided in the International Hostel: -

  • Each wing has common washrooms for the students to use, that are well-maintained and come equipped with geysers in the bathrooms, and a 24/7 water supply. The cleaning staffs take regular care of the hygiene and cleanliness of these washrooms.
  • This hostel houses lecture hall for reading purpose, recreation/TV room, kitchen with utensils, induction cooktop, microwave oven, cooker for cooking purpose and dining hall.
  • Fire extinguisher, Aqua guard water purifier, geyser, washing machine, iron, refrigerator, and projector are also installed in the hostel, keeping in mind the daily requirements of international students.

The following services are provided in the International Hostel: -

  • A private caterer tends to the mess and is responsible for providing nutritious and healthy meals to all the inmates.
  • All the inmates get to enjoy some common facilities like laundry service, common lounges, 24/7 Wi-fi and LAN facilities as well as recreational facilities for table tennis, carrom and badminton, all within the hostel.
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